Training and Education

Training and Education

To promote better understanding of cathodic protection and materials performance in different types of environments, UCPI offers many different training and educational seminars.  Seminars can be arranged to be held onsite or at our location for a nominal fee which includes certifications.  Currently, we are organizing two seminars one on  Corrosion Engineering and one on Cathodic Protection/Coating for Pipe Line/Tank Corrosion Control.  Those interested in either of these seminars or future seminars should contact Dr. S Mallick at 09332601292.

  • Essential Background Review
    Basic Electricity for CP
    Corrosion as an Electrochemical Reaction
    Types of Corrosion

  • Control of Corrosion

  • Cathodic Protection
    Insulated Joints

  • Measurement of CP Circuits

  • CP Potential Measurement and Criteria
    Reference Cells
    Survey Methods and Analysis
    Criteria for Cathodic Protection

  • Galvanic (Sacrificial) CP Systems
    Materials and Types
    Installation Procedures
    Test Points

  • Impressed Current CP Systems
    Materials and Types
    Installation Procedures
    Test Points

  • Stray Current
    Dynamic Interference
    Static Interference
    Examples and Mitigation Measures

  • Records, Maintenance and Troubleshooting
    System Information and Inspection Records
    Routine Maintenance Schedules
    Troubleshooting Basics

  • Introduction to CP Design and Materials
    Basic concepts for CP system design

  • Examples, Experiments and Practical Problem Solving
  • Cathodic Protection Of Stainless Steels, Copper Alloys: Protection Criteria and Application