Oil Pipelines & Natural Gas Pipelines

At UCPI, we work with companies installing cathodic protection systems on pipelines to reduce the risk of corrosion. We perform pipeline surveys, install cathodic protection systems, and develop maintenance programs to keep corrosion in check.
Our crews are skilled in developing the cathodic protection system for your job. Available space and the moisture conditions of the soil determine the type of cathodic protection system necessary. Whether it is a conventional system, a horizontal system or a deep anode system, UCPI will develop the right solution for the job.
We are experienced in alternate power supplies when an AC power source is not available, such as galvanic corrosion systems, thermoelectric generators and solar and wind generators.



Well Casings

We work with companies to develop the right cathodic plan to reduce well casing failures. Reducing the failures and leaks associated with well casings not only lowers cost of operating the well, but also diminishes environmental issues for the owner.


Petrochemical Plants

Our cathodic protection systems ensure petrochemical plant storage tank integrity. Whether it is an above-ground tank or an in-ground tank, we develop, install and monitor the right corrosion protection, reducing costs and environmental concerns.
Our crews are skilled in developing the right cathodic protection system for areas with limited space.


Power Plants & Plant Intake Structures

We work with power plants to develop cathodic protection systems to protect equipment against corrosion. With the right corrosion protection plan, we help keep power plants running while reducing expensive repair and maintenance costs.
Most plant intake structures have a high exposure to water, making them more susceptible to corrosion. We work with the plant owners to develop the right corrosion protection system to reduce the risk of corrosion.


Galvanic Corrosion

Galvanic corrosion systems are utilized when a power source is not available for use. Galvanic corrosions systems are also known as sacrificial systems. A magnesium anode is used as an energy supply for the systems. At UCPI we have installed numerous galvanic corrosion systems.